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Everything you want to know about vernal pools and estuaries – in wonderful childrens’ books

The Secret Pool and The Secret Bay by Kimberly Ridley are cleverly written and beautifully illustrated books, with poetic stories that appeal to younger kids, factual sidebars for older kids, and additional information that is both interesting and informative. The Secret Pool, which won many awards, was published by Tilbury House in Thomaston in 2013. […]

It’s not a beagle. It’s a Pekingese!

Author Leah Haney dedicated her wonderful kid’s book, Muffin’s House, to “every kid who ever fell in love with a dog.” Yup. That would include me. Well, truth be told, I have loved several dogs in my lifetime. I’m looking at a painting my Dad did of Gypsy Lou, an English setter that pointed the […]

Books for Kids (and you too!)

  There are lots of great kids’ books, and nothing more enjoyable than reading them to your kids and grandkids. Here are a few of my favorites.                 Nic and Nellie’s Island Adventure published by Islandport Press. Our eight year old grandson Vishal loved Nic and Nellie, Astrid Sheckel’s beautifully written and illustrated story about […]